Graphic: Barbara Elizabeth Brady

About Me

Professionally: Business communicator whose role is to understand and communicate a wide range of technical and non-technical information to all sorts of audiences. Insightful consultant to executive managers on deep organizational communication issues. Postmodern in the sense that I get what it means to be building business relationships with audiences in hypertext environments, where organization can be less important than information and motivation. Project manager, writer, creative director. Outstanding producer.

Personally: Born in the City of San Francisco. Grew up in and love Northern California. Spent much of adult life living in Cincinnati, OH. Returned to CA in '07 to work for UC Davis. Belong to a large family of very interesting people of all ages. Have the cutest dogs ever--Lhasa Apsos--and a handsome and loyal, but cranky, cat. Am an ace doodler. Love color and pattern, which has fueled my pursuit of the craft of pysanky. When a song breaks out, I typically sing harmony.